The reception counter is one of the most important areas of the hospital and the same is true General Hospital Mehsana. Upon arrival at General Hospital Mehsana, visitors to the hospital require help vis-à-vis information regarding location of various services and facilities. The reception acts as the first line of contact to provide the necessary help to the patients and their attendants through reception counter and ‘MAY I HELP YOU’ desks.

Location and Timings:

1. OPD Main Entrance,"MAY I HELP YOU" desk– 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

2. Trauma Centre, Round the clock 24X7


  • Reception acts as the first line of guidance for patients visiting General Hospital, Mehsana.
  • Guide the patients and their attendants regarding location and timings of OPD clinics, laboratories, wards and departments.
  • Attend to all telephonic enquiries regarding information concerning the patients, the doctors and clinics and OPD schedule.
  • Medical Social Workers supervise these counters and also deal with procedure regarding providing free treatment to poor patients in General Hospital Mehsana.
  • Reception is also assigned the job of ensuring availability of trolleys and wheelchairs at the counters all times.